Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Manga of Black Cat

Black Cat

The coolest japanese manga series made by Kentaro Yabuki...Although the title is 'Black Cat' doesn't mean the story bring bad lucks to all who read this manga...

Try to read this comic, you'll see the coolest action from
Train Heartnet, the sweeper...

The character are:
  • Train Heartnet
Also known as Black Cat and the main protagonist in the story, he starts as a ruthless assassin but learns compassion from Saya Minatsuki. He used to be a member of the Chronos and was Number 13. After his change of heart (after he met Saya) , he works as a sweeper alongside Sven and Eve. He always wears a bell around his neck to remind him of what he once was and could once more become. He has a gun made just for him by Chronos, called Hades. He also has a soft spot for women and children, especially when tears are shed. he first refuses a command from the Chronos with Eve. When he had the chance to kill her, he left instead. Following, he had sworn to never take another life. Train enjoys eating and likes to drink milk. In the series, he is seen singing a song about milk.
  • Sven Vollfied
Sven was once an agent for the IBI. These days, he is a 30-year-old, perpetually-broke sweeper and Train's partner. When he meets Eve, he befriends her and treats her like a person instead of a weapon. He has an eye that can see a few seconds or minutes into the future, but it either puts a strain on him or drains all his energy. This eye was given to him at the age of 23 by his precognitive IBI partner and close friend, who used his power to see Sven's demise and sacrificed himself to save him. Sven follows a strict "gentlemen's code" and never ignores a woman in trouble.
  • Eve
A genetically-engineered bio-weapon, she uses nanotechnology to transform her body. While she was raised like a lab rat, Sven treats her like a real person and opens up her world. She first meets Sven in the park, where he buys her an ice cream cone. With this, Eve is fond of sweet foods. She tends to follow Sven, and since he and Train are so close, she treats Train as her rival as both a Sweeper and an object of Sven's attention. Eve later looks up to Sven as her love. She is affectionately called "princess" by Train. She also has photographic memory. In nearly every episode, she is seen reading a new book. It becomes a sort of gag in early episodes as she read an Aesop's fable about mice putting a bell around the neck of a bad cat, which she mimicked, placing a large bell around Train's neck.
  • Saya Minatsuki
Before her death, Saya was an accomplished sweeper whose fun-loving spirit and easy likability made her Train Heartnet's first real friend. Her involvement with him led to his more human outlook on life and his departure of the Chronos numbers.
After seeing how close the two were, Creed grew jealous of the "witch", saying that she was clouding Train's mind. Creed murdered Saya with the use of his sword, the Kotetsu. She died in Train's arms during a fireworks show, the thing she was most looking forward to see. Because of the bond that she and Train shared, her positive influence remains with him long after her death. While she was alive she was always seen wearing a yukata, which she especially liked because of her interest in traditional clothing, and the fact that she thought she looked cute in it. Later in the series, Train meets a girl who reminds him of her.
  • Creed Diskenth
An ex-Eraser of Chronos, and admirer of Train. His obsession with Train leads him to kill the Sweeper Saya Minatsuki, believing that she bewitches him. Soon after leaving Chronos, he forms a group known as the Apostles of the Stars to start a revolution against the world status quo which he considers corrupt. His greatest wish is to have Train join him as one of the leaders of his group. His primary weapon is a sword called Imagine Blade or Kotetsu which he can extend and transform to any appearance, including invisibility.

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